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Our initiative Mission for Love serves the homeless, their pets, families in transition, on the streets and in local shelters. 

We provide blankets, warm clothing, food and assistance to the homeless on Skid Row, at local men, women and children shelters.  We also help homeless pets in need by providing vet care, vaccines and spay/neuter.  We also take homeless pets into our rescue when their guardians can no longer care for them.

We create opportunities for the formally homeless and assist them in providing life changing programs in their communities. 

Our annual Holiday Celebration with a local women and children's shelter brings love, laughter, toys & many needed items to families. Thank you to our partners, Lulu Cerone & Lemon:AID Warriors, Nicholas & Gotta Have Sole and to our amazing Youth Leadership Team who provided food, gifts, new shoes, toys, games and holiday cheer.  Together, we work throughout the year assisting homeless men, women, children and families in transition. Your support of our organization & our partner organizations, allows us to continue the work every day.